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  • I have 2 post types > ‘post’ and ‘custom1’

    ‘custom1’ has “Facebook Status on Timeline” pre-checked.

    ‘post’ has “Facebook Status on Timeline” and “Facebook Status on Your Timeline” both pre-checked.

    Is it possible to pre-UNcheck the 2 ‘post’ FB Status boxes or completely disable them? I absolutely do not want the normal ‘post’ type posts sent to my FB page or my Timeline, not even by accident and would prefer to disable Social Publisher for ‘post’ posts entirely.


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  • I found an option in WPs “Your Profile” page to disable posting to my timeline which has removed the respective box from the ‘post’ Add New page. Excellent.

    All I’m requesting now is:
    To have the option of disabling or pre-unchecking the “Facebook Status on Timeline” on a specific post type (in my case, the default ‘post’).

    Great plugin by the way, the rating it has is far from my experience, easily deserves 4+/5.

    Apologies for bumping again, I really would like to know if what I need is possible here and whether I can do it via functions.php, it’d help MASSIVELY.

    What I’d like to do:
    – Disable “Facebook Status on Timeline” box appearing on specific post_types.

    – Have the [ ] Post to unchecked by default in the above box.

    Is there any IF function I can use which would modify the above 2 requests as I need them?

    Thanks for your time/help, appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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