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  • It would make semi-intelligent displays so much easier, more flexible and less prone to breakage. Right now, there’s only the slug, title and description to check against – all of which could be subject to change.

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  • agree

    there is a partially fleshed out plugin called category-custom-fields I used on one site. Its not ideal but it works.
    Perhaps someone would be willing to refine it further.

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    Thanks for the link. I’ll have a look at that and see if I can persuade my friendly plugin developer to take it further.


    Yesterday I went to that site for the first time in months and was able to see again the plugin is still there. Today I went back to it, to check for someone else, and was blocked from seeing the site by a Google malware screen. I don’t know if that is valid or a mistake – the site would have been hacked if it is valid as it is a legit developer.

    At any rate, if you can’t get the plugin from that site let me know – I have a copy here & can upload it somewhere so you can get it.

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    Guess what? The plugin developer’s site is currently flagged up as suspicious by Google. 8 exploit(s). 5 scripting exploit(s). 🙁


    I put it on one of my sites – you can download here

    Here’s another one worth checking out by the way – needs a plugin developer to integrate but creates the underlying structure

    Custom Fields For Anything

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    Got the second one, thanks, but the link to one of your sites is giving a 404.

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    Got it, thanks.

    Meanwhile, work has started on turning the Custom Fields for Anything plugin into one specifically for adding and managing custom fields for categories. The alpha is complete and I’ll start testing it over the next few days.

    esmi — since 2.8 will have expanded capability to create ‘custom taxonomies’ you might consider making that plugin ‘portable’. Meaning, support more than just ‘category’ taxonomy but also the ‘post_tag’, ‘link_category’, or any other new taxonomy.

    gee thanks.

    I’ve coded, or rather rejigged the category-fields plugin. But hadn’t planned on releasing it as the majority of the code wasn’t my own. esmi has a copy to play with and will let me know if anything needs adding.

    It’s possible that the coffee2code plugin is more adaptable, but I will have another look at it when 2.8 comes out to see if I can extend it.

    i’d like to be in the loop on this one!

    what i’d like to see is the additional fields displayed right on the category maint page, rather than on a page by themselves. And the option to have the visual editor on some of the fields…

    and yes, the same for tags and link categories would be great.

    email me: and I’ll send you a copy.

    I looked at the category page in WP for the first time in 2.7 (can’t believe I haven’t visited that page in so long) It may be possible to add in on the category page, but I haven’t tried so far.


    At a quick glance it appears this plugin rewrites the output display on the WP category page. This might save you some time. It also activates the visual editor on the cat descrip field.

    For the extra fields it would be nice to have the option whether to use the visual editor on a particular field or not as sometimes it would get in the way, other times be quite useful.

    Category Description Editor

    I took out the visual editor.

    All I want the plugin to do, and all it should do in my opinion, is replicate the postmeta key/value pairings.

    Though I don’t use the visual editor myself, so perhaps I’m biased.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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