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  • I’ve finally gotten the hang of how to use the built-in image upload capabilities with WP – very nice. My only complaint is that it doesn’t allow easy use of the dynamically created thumbnails.

    For example, if you upload an image and have WP create a thumbnail, the code given ignores the associated thumbnail.

    Here is what I’d like to see happen: A user uploads an image and has WP create the thumbnail. WP then gives back the confirmation message saying the file was uploaded. They also get the code they would need to post the image to their blog (just like they currently do). The addition I would like to see is that they also get the code needed to post the thumbnail that is linked to the full size version of the picture.

    Make sense?

    Any help would be appreciated. Normally I could probably code this myself, but I don’t understand enough about how the php files communicate behind the scenes to know where things (filenames, URLs, paths, etc) are coming from.


    On a side note, I’d also like to see users be able to upload more than one image at a time, but I think I can manage that one on my own.

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