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  1. eddieparker
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I admit ignorance to the underlying subsystem of WordPress, so if something like this already exists, then please do excuse me for asking this.

    That said, I am not certain if such a feature (or some analogue) exists, so please let me know if a better means exists.

    Now then, my feature request is this:

    Would it be possible to have WordPress, upon upgrade, run a 'test' function on every plugin in it's system (with an adequate fallback for plugin's that do not support tests) and e-mail the result/display it on a webpage, so you can tell when your plugins are out of date or malfunctioning?

    This recently bit me after I did an upgrade and found out my subscribers weren't getting any of my e-mails for posting anymore. Whilst I should (and now do) try to thoroughly test things on my system, adding the human element can cause issues. Perhaps a solution such as this will help prevent other people in the future, should plugin authors support it.

    Thanks for listening!

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