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  • hi

    as we all know SPAM is tooooo much…my site got some popularity and SPAM started…

    so nowadays many sites use a security method for registration etc..
    like yahoo etc..
    its a method where in a random number is generated which should be put in the box –and the comment is published only if that number is matched..

    so here for word press we can have the same method..its the best for comment SPAM protection… isn’t it?

    as robots and programs will not be able to do anything if such method is used …

    what do you say ???

    thanks 🙂

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  • you can also add the WP-Hashcash (I think is the name) which is pretty good too. It has let in spam before, sadly, but nothing’s 100% perfect. You can try Kitten’s Spaminator and Spamwords plugins which work for most people – for me I got my own comment refused on my own site and was told it was spam by the spaminator so had to turn it off. Spam Karma is another tool to use.

    There are several captcha plugins, I think there’s also one which modifies the background so that it makes it even hard for the bots to read and therefore spam.

    WP-Hashcash just for the version before 1.5
    there is no wp-comments.php in 1.5

    There’s also AuthImage.

    @antonio, if I understand you correctly, there is a version of HashCash for WP v1.5 here

    Has anyone had experience installing HashCash with v1.5. If so, would you mind checking out this other thread I’m working? Trying to work out the kinks.

    It was a painless isntall for myself – upload and activate. With regards to your thread davincim, the only thing you do is upload botht he md5.js and the hashcash php file and activate it. What you are attempting is a manual insallation.

    The authors site can be found here:

    From his site:

    Please get the latest source code from the plugins repository. Drop the two files md5.js and wp-hashcash.php into your wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate the plugin.

    That’s it, no manual fiddling around with it

    EDIT: You may have grabbed the manual install files just download paste the latest version 1.7 – so the two files you need only are wp-hashcash.php and the md5.js. Hope that helps

    Ahh, the first time I installed it I thought I had missed a few extra steps, so when I read the readme file I was just following all those modifications. What a reflief it is not to have to get all that changed! Maybe I missed it, but part of the confusion comes from the instructions not mentioning that there are two ways to install it.

    Thanks Jinsan!

    Has someone got a site that’s got it activated and/ or what happens if you are visually impaired & can’t see the images? Is there the option to comment some other way?
    (Some sites that I’ve seen have alternative ways of authorising – I assume that they get manually checked or something), others don’t, so if you can’t see …

    Usually things that do image-verification allow you to click to put the thing into moderation rather than post.

    CG-Antispam does a good job of battling spam without needing an extra verification system (there’s enough to work with already). CG-PowerPack 1.5 is in alpha testing — there’s another thread dedicated to that if you want to try it out.


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    Explosive, all I can say is that I’m disappointed, very disappointed. Not only by your disregard of this forum’s search feature, but also by how far you have underestimated the WordPress community. WordPress has been around for well over a year and is already in v1.5 There couldn’t possibly be an anti-spam plugin and/or feature, could there?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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