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  • Tushar Tajane



    I know there are plenty of Adsense related plugins already available here but none of them I could suit my need.

    The Idea

    I am looking for a plugin that has two Admin level options. One is for Admin and second is for Authors (other than admin)

    • Admin: Admin should be able to select a location for ads, colors for text-based ads.
    • Author: Authors should have an option under ‘Your Adsense’ to paste their Adsense ID and Channel ID. The same page will also have a note about which colors they should select for their Adsense units.

    The Output

    This way – All the posts by admin or by authors will carry ads designated to their own accounts and they get 100% impressions for their posts.


    I am not finding any such plug-in where Admin is not required to involve in setting-up adsense for authors. They should be able to do it on their own. (except preset adsense unit size & colors)

    Can anyone point me to any resource? Can I write my own plugin? I am not a advanced developer though.

    Eagerly waiting to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Tushar Tajane



    After receiving plenty of feedback, I might agree on not to give 100% impressions but yeah 70% impressions to the author but 100% revenue from those impressions & clicks would go to the Author.

    I contacted few WordPress plugin developers but the cost $3500 creating it + $1200 to maintain WordPress repo is no where near my budget.

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