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  • At the moment, you have the ability to choose a static page as a Front Page. Now you also have the ability to choose a Blog Page. Great! However, if I create a custom page (like a secondary Blog Page), it would be great to have the ability within WP itself to choose multiple pages to be Blog Pages. Like that, if I want my custom page to be a Blog Page, I can say, “ok WP, I want this page to also be a Blog Page”. Furthermore, deciding on two factors as well: to decide how many posts I want appearing on every Blog Page I have, as well as which Blog Posts will be appearing in each. Now, this is only decided by categories (as far as I know).

    In simpler terms:

    • Ability to add multiple Blog Pages within WordPress itself (not through backend).
    • Ability to decide how many posts appearing on an individual level in each Blog Page. I want latest 3 here, and all posts on this other page etc.
    • Without using categories, having the ability to decide which Posts can be seen by which Blog Page. It could be the same or different, or a combination.
    • The ability to decide the default Blog Page for new Posts.
    • Allowing the user to make post modifications via the Posts section, in order to change which Post should appear where.
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  • Moderator Steve Stern


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    This is all doable using the existing category taxonomy and a bit of custom code to allow things like setting the number of posts per page by category. There may already be themes and/or plugins to let you implement it.

    Hi Steve. That’s what I would, as a user, enjoy about WordPress if it came to pass. Where, instead of using categories and some backend coding, there would have those options implemented from the get-go. The reality is that there are a boatload of users who won’t know how to code, or even understand the logic behind using categories, or what you would mean by talking about function.php or creating page templates. No every company, magazines etc. will hire an integrator or web developer.

    Try the Posts in Page plugin; Easily add one or more posts to any page using simple shortcodes.Supports categories, tags, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and more.


    No. That’s not an option. Neither is using categories. Besides, my post is not a “help request”, it is an actual WP development request. If a non-developer comes to the forum for help, no one would sit down with them and explain everything from A-Z. It would it be simpler and better for them to have an official WordPress integrated tool.

    The issue with plugins is simple: if there is only one person developing it, that person may cease maintaining it altogether at some point. Or, if it’s a group, they may pass to something else. Furthermore, a company may outright refuse that their developer/integrator use plugins.

    In either case, you would either be forced to use a plugin that may be insecure through time, or wait until someone else creates one of their own. Or, most probably, continue to do things manually. But, a non-developer would most likely be incapable of doing so, and would most likely keep a non-updated plugin on their website.

    Ultimately, with platforms like Wix who possess a superior intuitive tool (drag and drop), it is merely a matter of time before such platforms surpass WordPress in terms of usability and ease of access. For WordPress to continue producing a superior platform geared towards usability, the develpment team has to create that environment for non-developers. It would make no sense for the WP developer to assume that most users are developers. Hence why platforms like Wix have surged through the DIY web market.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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