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  • I could not find a previous request like this in searching so forgive me if it has been asked before. Would it be possible to have some option built in, or activated through a coded filter, to allow for more than one zone to be qualified for in a shipping package? The single zone qualification is great, easy way to setup many scenarios, especially using postal codes. However I have had several clients frustrated because they use multiple carriers with very different regions. This means copying their shipping data to numerous extra zones, which makes updating pricing a hassle every year. For scenarios like this, it would be great to enable this ability so that they can setup regions based on each provider, and know that a customer whose country belongs to two different zones will still see options from both.

    Thanks for your consideration!

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  • Caleb Burks


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Unfortunately that would break a lot of the functionality around zones. The single-match/fall-through mechanics of zones is crucial to how it works.

    What sort of shipping data are we talking about? If boxes and stuff like that, abstracting the settings to a single area could be beneficial. This is what we did with

    The above request made by Bolder Elements came from a question from me.

    I use the Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin from Bolder Elements and it makes use of the new WC Shipping Zones.

    I ship worldwide and I have on this moment 2 shipping companies with 3 shipping options.

    PostNL (Netherlands) for standard international shipping
    FedEx for Express shipping
    FedEx for Economy shipping

    PostNL has 4 zones and covers all countries in the world
    FedEx has 15 zones and covers all countries in the world

    Please remember that PostNL and FedEx are chancing every year the zones and the prices or the possibility that I get reduced rates in the same year.
    The last four years I have shipped to approximately 100 different countries.

    My shipping rates are based on weight:
    0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 …. to 10KG . This means that I must make 20 shipping costs per shipping option.
    So, the customer must see three options for shipping and based on the total weight

    Let take a look how this looks like, and for this example I use Canada to ship to:
    (All this zones are official zones delivered by this two shipping companies.)

    PostNL > Zone Netherlands
    PostNL > Zone EUR1
    PostNL > Zone EUR2
    PostNL > Rest of the World > this zone has Canada in it
    FedEx > Zone A (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone B (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone C (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone D (world countries) > this zone has Canada in it and more countries
    FedEx > Zone E (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone F (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone G (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone H (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone M (world countries)
    FedEx > Zone R (EUR countries)
    FedEx > Zone S (EUR countries)
    FedEx > Zone U (EUR countries)
    FedEx > Zone V (EUR countries)
    FedEx > Zone W (EUR countries)
    FedEx > Zone X (EUR countries)

    With the new shipping zones in Woocommerce the search for shipping prices to Canada stops by the zone : “PostNL > Rest of the World > this zone has Canada in it” The customer will never see the FedEx option.

    With the new WC Shipping Zones I understand that I must make a zone for only Canada and configure in this zone all the three shipping options (60 costs rules).

    In this scenario with more than 100 countries I must make 100 shipping zones and configure them all with shipping options and costs.

    This is a hugh administrative task and is off course not doable. And also the maintenance of all this zones would be a crime to do. Imagine if would like to change from FedEx to DHL.

    It would be really nice if WC will search in all the shipping zones for a specific country and shows the results in the shopping cart. It must not stop by the first hit (in this case Canada) but qualify more than 1 zone. (3, 4, 5… zones)

    I’m now building a new online store and I don’t know what to do with this shipping zones. I also think that this is very common setup from sellers.

    Please take a look to this and keep me updated.

    Kind regards,


    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    If you use a shipping plugin which gives automatic rates, you don’t need a zone per country.

    If you’re manually defining rates then yes this will be more complicated. You’d need to make a Canada zone for example and have both PostNL and Fedex inside it.

    Thanks for your answer. This means that I have to make some 100 zones and fill this zones with all the shipping rates. (30 rules per zone)

    I really was thinking that this new shipping zones have more benefit to the end user. Apparently it is not.

    Question if I may: What if there was the ability to add additional “sets” of zones. So essentially you would have two tables (or more) containing zones including the ‘Rest of the World’ zone. Then the rules would all stay the same, however you could have multiple sets, and the customer would be able to qualify for one zone in each set. Putting it in the core would obviously be confusing and unnecessary for most users, but in cases like this, which continue to popup it seems, it may be very helpful. I tried to come up with some code that would make this happen, but I found there are next to nothing for hooks and filters in relation to the shipping zones. Seems odd since your modules are usually full of them. Is there a reason they are so protected? Curious minds would like to know 🙂

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