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  • I think it’s definite that reply notification by email won’t be implemented on this wordpress’ forum software.

    How about making the profile page, the one that you get when you click on “View your profile”, to become some sort what Bloglines does?

    On the profile page, we have a list of all threads that we have started or replied to. A special mark could be added if there’s a new reply since our last visit. Thus, preventing us from clicking the threads’ link one by one to check if there’s a new reply.

    Hmm, after thinking about, it is not as easy as it may sound? Or is it?

    Well, if it fails we can still implement reply notification by email, can we not? 🙂

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  • Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    It seems that the profile sorts the posts a person has commented on by the date that person first posted a comment.

    Along the lines of this request, it’d be nice if there were options to sort the list differently, such as by most recent comment (from anyone).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    May I suggest that instead of a —signature— all over the place, that you write an email to Matt with details of not only the change you would like to see, but also how that will benefit users of the forums.
    Posting things here will just end up with a lot more noise than signal being generated as you cannot control who posts what and your idea could be lost.

    Matt does listen to feedback 🙂

    yes please and maybe bookmarks/flags?

    Well, it’s been mentioned numerous time. I suppose Matt already saw somewhere with the other suggestions. My “signature” was meant to give greater visibility to this particular suggestion. ‘Cause really, I’m tired of clicking those thread links in my profile page.

    With that said, I’m gonna stop my campaign start from this post since at least one person is already bothered by it. Seriously, I was that close to creating GreaseMonkey script to automate the insertion of signature. 🙂

    It’s been fun.

    I would just be happy if the times were all correct on the time thread started, and last reply. For instance, as I type this at 3:16 pm GMT -5 on 6/7/05, it is telling me this thread was started 19hrs ago.
    It does appear that the time since last reply has been corrected however when you click on your profile.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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