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  • Uhm… Not a big deal really, but I would really see process where admin panel (with login) will be splitted from normal user login screen.
    Yes, call me paranoid, but I would like to protect my admin cp with .htaccess that have +20 mixed chars login/pass. Right now most (if not all) of the WP have default user with admin rights named “admin” (and that makes whole process of getting inside of someone’s blog much much easier). Bruteforcing (or just guessing) pass for that account isn’t a big deal.
    So… Admin logs in one place, rest of the users (if there are any) logs in another place. Would be nifty imho.
    Regards, MaxT
    (yes, you can try to guess my pass, you have my permission, good luck ;))
    PS: Please don’t say something like “Who on the Earth would do that?” or “Why do you even think of it? Are you are hacker?”… Cmon, we’re on Wild Wild Internet. Someone will be bored one day and do it anyway… Just a matter of time.

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  • i want to know how to change your login name or the admin user
    i can change the display name but not the actual login…unless i edit the database?

    cant you create another login and promote it at level 10 ?

    well i tried but i can only promote it up to 9!
    (and a 9 user can only promote up to 8..)

    then give this level 9 user all rights (post edit add links etc…)

    yeah, but i wanted to change the login name for users not just the display name
    sorta silly…but…i guess it calls for hacking the mysql database…eep

    You will have to change user1’s ID to 999 (or some not-existant yet ID), then change user2’s ID to ID=1, then change user1’s (which now have ID 999) ID to ID=2.
    Example of changing ID:
    UPDATE wp_users SET ID = '999' WHERE ID = '1' ;
    That will change user1’s ID from 1 to 999.

    I hate it… last post was by me… /me smacks WP’s forums with something big and hard…

    hehehe 🙂
    hey i’m the one who can’t remember her password so neither signs in at work nor changes it at work lest she forgets it when she comes back home…it has happened!

    Any news on this subject? Did developers at least seen this post? >_<


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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