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    I have keywords “Node Lite” and “AKiTiO Node” listed in that order in AAL.

    When AALs sees “AKiTiO Node Lite” on webpages, it substitutes in the link for “AKiTiO Node” rather than “Node Lite”. It appears evaluation order is based on alphanumeric order of keyword.

    Can this be changed to be order of keyword appearance? So “AKiTiO Node Lite” would link “Node Lite” in this example.

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  • commenting out the following string changes keyword substitution (for the most part) to follow the CSV imports feed from bottom to top, left to right.

    uasort($allkeys, 'aal_keyscmp');

    There are still some anomolies where need to move some lines above others in the DB directly to get them to fire first.

    I am at a loss as to how to exactly order the CSV file keywords to exactly set the keyword firing order without needing such manual intervention.

    Can you help get this sorted?

    Fixed it so the keywork firing order after a clean out of all aalinks, then a CSV import, is now top-to-bottom. Each row is processed left-to-right. Done by:

    1. comment out ‘uasort($allkeys, ‘aal_keyscmp’);’ in aal_engine.php

    2. convert all DB tables from myISAM to INNODB

    Seems somehow the myISAM db caused aalinks to not be read sequentially. INNODB fixes it.

    Issue is closed other than you may consider an option to effectively do the same as commenting out ‘uasort($allkeys, ‘aal_keyscmp’);’

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    Plugin Author Lucian Apostol



    Thank you for the suggestion and provided solution. As you noticed, the link priority is set by the length of the keywords.

    I will add an option in General Settings to let users select the desired order: length or added order.

    An individual priority system is planned to come with the next major release, but I can’t tell you when it will arrive.

    Plugin Author Lucian Apostol


    Hello. Wanted to let you know that I have added the option to set link priority.



    Thank you 🙂

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