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  • Can someone PLEASE make a PodPress plugin alternative. That plugin is great, once you get it set up. Therein lies the problem. For those who use the plugin, you know what I mean. Every time you upgrade WordPress and/or the plugin, there are a bunch of tweaks you need to make in order to get it to work as it did before. The tweaks to get it to function are hit-and-miss and everyone does things differently to get to functionality. Then, recently, the help forums (which were providing a little help) went down, because of budget constraints. Frankly, most of the help there was just suggesting putting the same bandage over different types of wounds. It was more of a time-waster, really. Okay, now I’m complaining. The point is, I feel we need an alternative. (Competition is usually great, right?)

    What we need is some way to easily (keyword, there) add MP3 files to our posts either from a local path or an external one (as is the case with my weblog) and have them appear in each post as a nice little player. PodPress goes one step further and assists in the auto podcasting of those MP3 files to popular engines. That really is a nicety, but isn’t necessary. We can do that on our own. (It’s sure easier than setting up PodPress everytime an upgrade comes out.)

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  • I haven’t had to deal with as many tweaks as it sounds like you mentioned, and I also liked thier Forums and got some useful info there ~ and I hope they get enough donations to cover the cost and bring back the Forums.

    There are a few features I was hoping PodPress would get (some they said needed to be made on the audio player they incorporated not in pp itself). It’s hard for me to imagine someone starting from scatch but I bet it could be done quickly by looking at the methods PodPress used and incorporating the same types of other open source players that they incorporate (one is pretty much the same as the 1 pixel out player, and the other is a sidebar flash player for the XPSF player feature, which I never could get to work quite right).

    that said
    I’m still using PodPress and loving it right now, easily the best plugin besides Akismet

    i’d just like to support podpress and hope they recover the forum & continue improving features.

    also my personal opinion is that with the # of sites that use PodPress and rely on it, it is sad that they didn’t get enough donations to cover the price of hosting the site and forum 🙁

    that said
    if someone makes a Podpress alternative, that would be cool too and I would check it out

    yes would love an alternative….its broke and doesnt work well with WP 2.5x

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