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  • I accidentally posted on the wrong forum. I’d love some feedback on my blog.

    I still want to tweak it a little more.

    I’ve read the thread about how to tell when a theme has been modified enough to call it a new theme and I’m wondering about opinions on this theme.

    I started with Landzilla and started changing things here and there.

    I’m new to CSS and this whole theme modification deal, and I appreciate the feedback.

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  • I like the new look, but this one has even more validation errors that need to be fixed. Ah, the work never ends on a website.

    The list within your first post has problems and once the validation errors are cleaned up, then it should work fine. If not, let us know and we’ll figure out how to fix it.

    The spider thing cracks me up, but it looks odd below the “Main” section in the sidebar. Either move it up or to the bottom of the sidebar, giving it a score card area of its own.

    The graphic used next to the titles and in the sidebar titles is way too small to “see” and should be made larger if you continue to use it. Somehow, I see a green circle there to fit the new look but you can use what you like.

    The date above the posts looks odd and disconnected from the rest of the look of the site. You might consider giving it color, taking it out of the center (right or left justified would be okay), and spicing it up a little so it matches better.

    The title for the category “1st time visitors-Welcome” looks add. Consider changing it to “Welcome” or “First Time Visitors” or even “About Us”. Quick, to the point.

    And normally, I ignore misspellings and bad grammar in most sites, unless it is a professional, commercial site, but in the Post about “I warned you” could you call WordPress WordPress and not WrodPress. 😉 I figured you’d want to fix that one.

    It’s starting to look good. Much cleaner than the last version.

    Thank you for that link! I will look at each one of those and see if I can get that link you gave me to show up nothing! 🙂

    You make good suggestions. I could do a spider scorecard part of the menu, I think.

    I’ve also installed a plugin that only shows the last 4 posts as someone said it was taking a while for the page to load.

    And yes, the date post does look a bit out of place, I”ll play with that after I get the validation errors taken care of.

    And thanks for the misspelling. Sometimes my fingers do not go in the order my brain tells them too.

    OK, maybe I’m not understanding the validation thing. When I look at my index.php and style.css, all those things that the validation page says are missing aren’t.

    What am *I* missing?

    Well, inside the blockquote with a list of things you’d like to add, you need to put <ul></ul> around the list items. Then there are some alt attributes missing from a couple of images and the target needs to be in lower case, and in fact _blank, not just blank (well, it can be just blank but then you are creating a new window and naming it blank, it would work the same if it was “new” or “acrabadabra”)

    OK, just for clarification. Why doesn’t wordpress put the

    tags in there?

    or is this to make the site cross platform?

    sorry for the confusion, I”m really doing this a lot by trial and error.

    Assuming the blank line there means <ul> tags: Well, the list is inside your post so you are pretty much responsible of what is in there. WP adds <p> and <br /> tags as it sees fit, but the rest is up to you. All platforms require the <ul> tags (or <ol>).


    Another question, and I may need to make a new thread.

    I was trying to give this new theme a name with credit due to Vlad for Landzilla. I made some changes to the comment section of index.php, uploaded, worked fine.

    I made some changes between the /* tag of the style.css file, uploaded it and solid blank page comes up.

    I’m betting it’s a simple issue I am ignorant of. The differences between the style.css that’s working now and the one I want to use are sole between those /* and */ tags.

    Is there a checklist or tutorial on creating a new theme from an existing one, because when I try to give it it’s own name, it seems to crash.

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