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  • REPOST: sorry, I posted this in the wrong place earlier

    Some background: we run a “classic” distribution company in Canada, and we’re looking to set up multiple storefronts in other locales both in Canada and outside it. The different stores would share most of the catalog of products, but for each one would have (optionally) a different price, description, language, payment gateway and default shipping method.

    One solution is to use one of the very few shopping systems that support multiple storefronts. This basically limits us, from what I can see, to Magento or Presta. But that only fixes the problem for the store, I’d prefer to use a real CMS for the rest of the site (which will be considerable). So I took a good look at some of the CMS-integrated ecommerce systems that support this, like DrupalCommerce and MarketPress, but so far I’ve been very disappointed with the built-in functionality.

    So, in theory, Magento + WP seems like an ideal solution. But trying to figure out which of the many features we’re looking for Magento already supports is very difficult. Their web page is all too basic at the front, and then just jumps right into the technical documentation.

    So, I’m wondering if the readers here can help me understand Magento? I know it’s a little off topic, but in my experience the user community here is amazing. So here goes…

    1) we have a limited set of perhaps 500 products. the majority of these will appear on all of the stores. we do need to filter some of them out of certain stores, and/or sort them so some appear higher on some stores and lower on others.

    2) we need to translate product information by hand, Google can’t hack technical items. We need to support at least English, French and Spanish. The user should be able to switch between them easily at any time, as well as set a default selection.

    3) every product needs to (optionally) have different prices on every store. This isn’s solely due to currency, it’s simply more expensive to sell in certain markets and we have to charge more. it’s not a percentage or anything simple like that.

    4) we also need to have completely different sets of prices for different customers. This isn’t a fixed percentage or anything like that – it’s a completely different price list. Not every product is on this list, ones that aren’t should use the default price.

    5) we’d like some sort of affiliate program, and it seems this is one that Magento has down cold.

    6) finally, we need some way to implement “similar products” as well as “you might also want” lists. The later is particularly important because our systems normally consist of

    7) we also need to implement our current workflow in the new system. This workflow normally has customers call us and we put in orders for them. We then mail a PDF of the order as an “estimate”. We’d like to allow this, but with a twist… I’d like to allow either the customer or sales team to enter the order, but once it’s been “blessed” by sales, the order is read only by the customer. They can either pay for it or cancel it, everything else has to be done by the sales team.

    8) and as part of (7), we need each customer to have multiple “open” orders. The sales cycle takes weeks, and any given customer might have a half dozen orders in progress. It would be great if we could name each order, for easy reference.

    I realize that, as an open platform, I could add any of these features into something like MarketPress. But the goal here is to reduce overall development. If Magento hits more of these features than MarketPress or Presta, then I would lean in that direction.

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  • Hi Maury,

    My company will be making a similar transition in the near future. We are planning to build a WordPress site and then utilize Magneto’s e-commerce capabilities. They will also be integrating the site with Salesforce based ERP and CRM. I’d really appreciate hearing anything you’ve learned since you posted.

    You can also reach me at

    In the end I decided that PrestaShop would be the best starting point. It offered most of the multi-site features that we needed, including different tax rates, shipping, pricing and logistics settings.

    You can change any of these and populate “upstream” very easily. For instance, if you want to change the description of a product on all stores you select the global level and make the edit. If you want to change the price for all stores in the Caribbean, you select the appropriate store group and change the price, which rolls into all of the stores in that group, but not Canada, for instance.

    The major downside was that the “blog side” was hopeless and most of the connectors for WP or Drupal were essentially inactive. But that seemed like the lessor of all evils. Moreover most of the product knowledge is in Europe, which I saw as a risk area. In the end I found a local developer, and the project os underway.

    Wish me luck!

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