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  • This is driving me beyond crazy. When I submit corrections to my plugin, then copy the trunk to the tags directory, the download page for my plugin does not show the change (and waiting 48 hours is a lousy way to “check” this).

    What’s up? Why does the WordPress repository suck so hard? It’s not professional… hell, it’s barely functional. I’ve never had this many problems with ANY SVN repo, EVER. It seems like I have to release 2 versions of my plugin: the first one to fix the problem and the second one so the WordPress repo can figure out what happened.

    Can anyone explain this?

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  • what is your plugin?

    Same one you looked at previously I think. If I download the entire repo, trunk and all, everything is there. I just pushed another update to see if this time it’d get picked up.

    I’m trying to write a book about how to do this, and it does not sit well on my conscience if I continually have problems with this and the official docs are either absent or horribly inaccurate. My best guess is that the readme.txt file from the head of the trunk is scanned for the “Stable tag:” setting, and then it looks to the corresponding directory in the tags/ folder. But the obvious problem with this is that if the the readme.txt from the head is scanned BEFORE you are done tagging the trunk (by copying it into the tags directory), then that’s when I think WP gives up and ignores that version of the plugin. Is that possible?

    Right now, the download page is displaying the most current readme.txt file, one that correctly indicates that the stable tag is 0.8.4, but the download link is still stuck on 0.8.2.

    I’m going to try this one more time.

    Currently shows as 0.8.5

    Last updated date is incorrect, but that is the same for a lot of us at the moment, and they are aware of that issue.

    I’m glad it finally updated after 3 attempts. Thanks for looking at it… man, this truly drives me crazy. This repo just seems so poorly designed. They should merge the readme.txt and the info header… the only reason the info header exists I think is so WP knows which file to include when a plugin is activated, and that could be easily solved if the app simply looked for valid index.php files like any normal web server, e.g. ‘my-plugin1/index.php’ or ‘other-plugin/index.php’ etc.

    The repo should offer a different mechanism for controlling the downloadable version. E.g. if we had to tag the trunk by copying it into a dedicated “current” or “stable” tag directory, it’d probably make WP’s job of calculating the latest stable version easier because they could always resolve *all* download requests to the tags/stable directory, and that way WE the plugin authors would always have control over which version of our code was active instead of this “update 3 times and cross your fingers” nonsense.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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