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  • Does anyone know what the code that dictates the location of the “read on” and the “X number of comments”/”no comments” links looks like?

    I want to reposition them.

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  • There is no set ‘code’ that dictates this, so knowing the theme you’re using, or providing a link so your site can be examined, helps a great deal.

    You posted a previous topic about Kubrick (default), so we’ll assume that’s what you meant:

    The “Comments” portion is included in a element assigned the class postmetadata, which you’ll find declared in the “Structure” section of the default’s style.css. Note this also affects the categories list on a post.

    The “read on” link (assuming you mean the link generated by the ‘more’ quicktag in a post) is a little more complicated, as presently it’s not assigned a class to style off of. You could seach the forums on it, to see what hacks exist for adding it.

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