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  • Hello !

    I noticed a very little something, with the wordpress engine’s output in posts. Can’t call it a bug, it will bother a verrrry small number of people, but this is still something that should be fixed, in an ideal world where everybody’s got plenty of spare time.
    In short, in rare cases, I found the posts were returning special characters instead of their html encoding.

    When we create a post and make some text an hyperlink, we can enter whatever we want in the title, and we can also use html encoding for special characters.

    If we write title="test&quot, it’s all OK, the public HTML sent to the visitors is also "test&quot
    But if we write title="I >3 that song (the emoticon to represent a heart), then the public HTML sent to the visitors is <3

    I didn’t think it would pose any problem, until the day I had to open the code source of a page and copy-paste its HTML elsewhere.

    I don’t even know if you see the problem, actually, haha. But, still, that shouldn’t happen, ideally, sending either html-encoded or html output already decoded, depending on the chars.

    Another issue, with the new 3.5.1 media uploader, if we embed an image and write as title some text with a double quote instead of its html equivalent &quot;, the title will be broken at the double quotes. The editor ought to convert these double quotes to their html-encoded &quot;

    Sorry for the useless post, but, well, I notice something not functioning right, I know there’s a feedback forum, I take 5 minutes to make a report 🙂

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  • Grrr, I couldn’t edit my post yesterday evening, not respond to it, it was returning me to the index of the support forums, and now that I can at least see my post, it’s too late to edit it.

    – sorry for the occasional missing “;” after an &quot

    – as you may have guessed, there has been a problem, even between the code tag, the “& gt ;” (please remove spaces) has been forcibly converted to >

    – Lastly, I was sleepy and wrote > instead of < , really sorry for that precise confusion 🙁
    I’d have loved to fix those mistakes, but I couldn’t edit my post at all, not even see it once posted 🙁

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