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  • How do I go about having my photo removed from a blog that has posted it without my permission? This blog is filled with hateful and vile commentary all the time and they have taken my picture which was posted on a radio station website, which they obtained by stalking me online, and have posted it for the purpose of mocking and ridiculing not only me but other people whose pictures they are using without permission.

    What steps do I need to take to have this blog either shut down or have my picture removed? I doubt wordpress offers their services for the purpose of internet stalking.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    [Link removed – no reason to give it publicity].

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  • I did a whois on the site
    I guess your best bet is to contact the ISP that hosts the site, which will be in the whois info and make a complaint to them.
    Then go to a solicitor and get a letter written threatening legal action and a personal claim for compensation.



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    Yeah your only recourse would be a legal one for defamation of character, or whatever they call it. Technically the owner of the photograph may also have a legal course of action for use of the photo, but unless you took the photo that’s unlikely to be you.

    It’s not really a WordPress issue though.

    In reality, your best bet would be not to publicise the photo. By posting the link on here you’ve exposed it to thousands of people that may not otherwise have seen it, so I’ll do you a favour and remove the link.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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