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    Since report-uri is no longer recommended anymore, I need to use report-to to send CSP reports. But for reason, it doesn’t send reports with report-to. My CSP settings are as follows:

    In Policy: report-to filed, I filled in csp-endpoint , in Frontend Policy Report-To Header field, I filled in the following JSON data

      "group": "csp-endpoint",
      "max_age": 10886400,
      "endpoints": [
          "url": "{CSP REPORT ENDPOINT}"

    After saving changes in the CMS, all the commas disappeared in Frontend Policy Report-To Header field.

    {   "group": "csp-endpoint"   "max_age": 10886400   "endpoints": [     {       "url": "{CSP REPORT ENDPOINT}"     }   ] }

    I am wondering if you can help to take a look at it, thanks! Note: I have no problem with report-uri.

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