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  • I was adjusting the VFB settings for my contact form this morning after wetting up WP Mail SMTP, and discovered something peculiar with the confirmation emails.

    I have VFP configured so that when a user submits a contact form, VFP sends me an email with the details and also emails the user a confirmation, including a copy of the information they submitted. What I want to happen is for the email I receive with the details to show the user’s submitted name in the From field and use their submitted email address as the reply-to, and for the submitter to receive a confirmation email using the name and reply-to address I specify in the Notification box in VFP.

    To do this, I have the Email settings configured to use the submitted name in the “User’s Name” field and the submitted email address in the “User’s E-mail” field. In the Notification settings, I’ve added the reply name to “Sender Name or Company” and the reply-to email in “Reply-To E-mail”.

    Configured this way, the emails I get work just as desired. However, if the user replies to the confirmation email, BOTH my specified sender name and reply-to address AND the user’s submitted name and e-mail address appear in the TO field.

    For example, let’s say the user is John Doe, the email address they entered is, my specified sender name is Admin, and my specified reply-to address is If I reply to the email I get when John Doe submits his form, the TO field will show only “John Doe <>”, which is what I want. However, if John Doe clicks reply to his confirmation email, the TO field will list “John Doe <>”, “Admin <>”.

    This is obviously not desirable — there’s usually no reason the user needs to email himself if he replies to the confirmation, and it looks pretty sloppy.

    Is there a way to keep this from happening? If I remove the submitted name and submitted email address from the Email tab, it doesn’t do this, but then the email I get will just use my administrative address for the reply-to field and I can’t answer a contact form submission by replying to it. This seems counterintuitive.

    Am I missing something?


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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