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  1. bmwhite41
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I accidentally deleted my 'Leave a Reply' box from one website
    it was on the last page. I'd like to add another on the i4SkinHealth page. The web host/server
    put it up for me the first time and I have no idea how it disappeared.

    It was exactly like the one on CoOrdiMed.com - a nice grey frame with white interior for leaving replies

    Leave a Reply
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    Comment Post Comment"

    Also at the end of each page on
    I placed a link to the comment page. I tried this with FarReach.org but the link went to CoOrdiMed comments so I deleted them all. Could you also please send directions for adding these links correctly?

    First time I've used Forums, looking fwd to the support! Sorry I haven't learned how to give you the links properly, hope what I've added is ok for reaching them

    Many thanks,

    B. Maurene White, Montreal

    WordCamp Mtl last weekend was great!!

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