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  • Plugin Author Sylvain Deaure


    As for now, wp-ses does ignore any header string, because it uses the simplest Amazon api call, that only uses to:
    So Reply-to, cc, bcc are not handled.

    I had similar requests, and it will be handled.

    Plugin Author Sylvain Deaure


    Should be ok with version 0.3.1 of the plugin.

    You got a new field “Reply-To” you can set to

    and it will decode headers to extract the reply-to field.

    Let me know how it works.

    The plugin still does not appear to be reading the Reply-To header. I have the value of Reply-To set to headers in the options. I’m using Contact Form 7, and I’ve set Reply-To in the additional headers field of my form, but no Reply-To address comes through on the sent message.

    Plugin Author Sylvain Deaure


    Ok. I’ll look into it with Contact Form 7.

    This is what I’m using to get the sender’s email address into the Reply-To field:

    $headers = ‘Reply-To: ‘ . $contactEmail;

    It’s working great. But is it possible to get the sender’s name into the Reply-To field as well as the email address? So that you get something like:

    Reply-To: Joe Schmoe <>

    I can capture that info from my contact form and output it with the message body, but I can’t figure out any syntax that will get WP-SES to accept it as part of the Reply-To field.

    Thanks for any help, Silvain!

    (Maybe I shouldn’t have posted the above question here, since this thread’s marked “resolved”….)

    The problem with contact form 7 is because of multiple lines in the header (From: + Reply-To:), and the regexp in WP-SES plugin doesn’t support this. But this can easily be fixed by modifying the regexp in wp-ses.php to:

    preg_match('/^Reply-To: ([a-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+\.[a-z]{2,4})\b/imsU', $headers, $rto)

    Notice the /imsU instead of only /i. Meaning that the regexp will be able to find the Reply-To email if $headers contains multiple lines.

    As a sidenote, gmail will refuse to use the Reply-To header if a reverse DNS-lookup on the sending email doesn’t match the domain of that email (forgery detection).

    Plugin Author Sylvain Deaure


    Thanks for Tip, bhanson, I appreciate !
    Will merge and update.

    np, thanks for a great plugin! Keep up the good work.

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