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    So I am trying to use {3} within the reply to field to allow the recipient of the email to just hit reply and it appears it has stopped working.

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    Dear users,

    I just want to sum up this forum post, as we have lately had a discussion on this topic with our team.

    So, we never had a placeholder to add field ID in reply to > other section, I have checked with the product owner who would definitely know if there was such an option in the past.

    Why we did not have such an option and why we don’t think that it is necessary.

    We didn’t have because here with radio buttons we bring ALL the email fields of your form, so as you can easily choose which field to use here. Other option is available for writing a certain email address.

    If having all the field types here, users might be confused and select for example text field and in that case, it’d fail to send emails.

    This is the only reason that we don’t anticipate to add a placeholder in this section.

    If you don’t see email fields with a radio button to select in this section, this means you don’t have any email field type in your form. (Having a common text field to which you have given Email label is not counted).

Viewing 16 replies (of 16 total)
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