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    Your plugin is awesome!

    I have only one complaint: the setup for a form could be more intuitive. For example: from what I can tell, the Reply To settings don’t default logically to the person sending the original email. Like this:

    Bob sends an email to Jane.
    Bob replies to the email, and it goes to the website administrator.

    Seems this should logically be preset. I’ve had to go into each form and update the Reply To field with things like [44] <[45]> to make sure replies go back to the sender.

    Am I missing something?

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    Hi there,
    By default the “Reply-To” line is blank, since the majority of users still want replies to go to the same address the message was sent from.

    If you send from a dedicated send-only address (My sites are setup this way too) and want replies to go to a different mailbox, I’m afraid you need to manually set the Reply-To address in the email action.

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    I understand having the option to reply to someone else…but, as far as I can tell, the plugin does NOT automatically reply to the original sender. I use Formidable on most of my WordPress sites (I’m a web designer) and I have to manually configure it to get it right. Yesterday, this happened:

    Jane sent Bob an email.
    Bob got the email.
    Bob replied, and it came to me (site admin)…it should have gone to Jane.

    Do you think I’m missing something obvious? I might. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the extra information.

    That’s not the way it should work – and I just did a quick test on my dev site to confirm that the behavior you are seeing is not the default.

    Do you have an SMTP plugin installed that might be changing email headers?

    I’d like to test this further – but might need info and logins that are best not posted publicly. Would you be able to open a ticket in our helpdesk about this and our team will do their best to help: https://formidableforms.com/new-topic/

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    Also, just to double check – is the email address that should be replied to entered in your form (eg. different for every form submission) or set as a static value in your email action?

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