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    i tried to use the usual Reply-to: in the Additional headers field as always, but now it gives me an error:
    Invalid mailbox syntax is used in the Reply-to field.
    and it looks to this FAQ page which doesn’t help at all.

    There are multiple FAQ pages that have that code on them already, showing that it should work, like this one
    and this one specifically about it

    To clarify i even tried using the exact code from the FAQ page, this:
    Reply-to: [your name] <[your email]>
    copy and pasted to not miss a single letter, same error, seems this is another great “improvement” introduced in 5.1.1

    Funny enough using just [your email] gives no errors, don’t know if it actually works though.

    Also forcing everyone to use the very beta and buggy Recaptcha V3 was a shitty move, but then again so was Gutenberg in WP 5.0. It seems to be the theme lately.

    On another website i work on Reply-To: [your-email] is still being used and i get no errors there, both sites are updated to the latest WP and CF7, they just use different themes, but that should not make a difference.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @joegp

    [your name] is invalid syntax. it should have a dash in there [your-name]

    same with [your email] should be [your-email]

    I use this in the additional headers field : Reply-To: [your-email]

    this also has to match what you have in the form.

    Don’t forget to make this field required on your form, using ” * ” because if you don’t CF7 will continue saying that the syntax is incorrect.

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    @allan1978 Thanks, i tried it with the correct syntax, Reply-To: [contact-email], in my case.

    @kmasi That was exactly the problem, thanks, it wasn’t a required field, shame the error message wasn’t nearly as helpful as you.

    Now the client doesn’t want the email to be required, will the form still work if a leave the correct syntax in there and with the error/warning still in place?

    I’ve spent some time wondering whats wrong when it happens to me, it would be nice if the error message indicate whats wrong.

    I the form will work if you leave the email not required but your client won’t be able to reply. Talk to him and explain why is it good to be required.

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    Thanks, yeah, that error message basically says something is wrong, but it knows exactly what’s wrong, otherwise it wouldn’t even show up, so there is room for improvement for sure.

    He mainly does his business over the phone and forcing a lot of his clients to enter an email address when they don’t have to is not something he wants to do.

    If they enter an email then he can reply by email, if they don’t, then they probably enter some other way of getting in contact and then he will reply by that way (most likely by phone), as long as it works it’s fine, he’s smart enough to know how to reply.

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