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  • I know this has probably been asked before but I just have to ask again. Is there any chance that we can get the functionality that other services like, discus, intensedebate where readers and administrators can respond to comments via simply a reply. It would really make this plugin stand out and add a key usability feature. I know that it would be a bit complicated to make sure that every server setup has php access to check email but maybe we can do a check for that? Alternatively maybe a third party email parsing service though that would be costly.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

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  • Raam Dev


    Can you clarify what you’re asking? Do you mean you’d like administrators and readers to be able to reply via email?

    You hit the nail on the head. Essentially replicating the feature has

    I think it would be an awesome addition if someone can figure it out. I would pay for the feature since it would save me loads of time and offer flexibility to our readers. I just don’t want to give up total control of our comments to a service like discus or intensedebate.

    Raam Dev


    Got it. I’m right there with you on not wanting to give up control of comments.

    I just spent a considerable amount of time fixing the Replies Only feature in this plugin (see so I don’t know how much more time I can put into it right now. It seems like the current maintainer is giving it up and passing control over to someone else (see link above), so who knows how much support/maintenance we’ll get.

    However, the features of this plugin (namely the ability to subscribe to comments and comment replies) is so important for my site that I can see myself eventually taking up full maintenance of this plugin, or forking it and starting my own plugin using this one as a starting point.

    The Reply via Email feature sounds really useful and I’d love to offer that feature to my commenters as well, not to mention myself; replying to a comment via email would make replying to comments so much easier for me.


    That’s a great idea. Your comment about the expense could maybe partially be tackled with Mandrill. It’s free at lower volumes and I believe it processes both outgoing and incoming mail.

    Yeah I am really hoping some wordpress genius can crack this little feature and bring it to all of us. Its such a great community building feature but not enough for me to want to give up full control of our comments.

    I have an immediate “naif” solution. For the moment it works only for blog administrators with some workarounds; I need some time to extend the reply by mail feature to all users.
    The definitive solution could depends only on an appspot account; the actual version requires also a google drive account.
    Please tell me if you are interested in.

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Hey there guys, this feature sounds very good, I apologize for not been around. We get frequent emails where people is asking for new features, but for now we can’t cover everything that the people ask, we will like to do so, but for the moment we are trying to cover as much as possible.

    We can settle this idea down and make the upgrade 🙂


    Hi Reedyseth. Great work BTW. So are you saying this feature is not currently available to just use the search box built into every them just by specifying its CSS selector ID?

    Sorry guys I typed in the wrong support thread. Still good work Reedyseth. I really would love to get reply to email working. @rinaldi6109 I am interested in the intermediate solution.

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Hello BerryReview you can contact me filling the form here:, later if we create the solution we post it and then close the topic.

    Plugin Author Reedyseth


    Hello Guys version 140128 is now available with new fixes and upgrades. Please update to this newer version and make sure you issue is resolved, otherwise you can open a bug ticket here:

    Regards !!

    So is this working in the current version?

    The Subscribe to Replies feature is working in the latest version (as of v140128), yes, but there is not yet a feature to reply to comments via email.

    Thanks for your reply. Do you think it will be a feature soon? Thanks again!

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