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    Hi Moderators,

    My account has recently been set to a moderation time of 72 hours. I posted few replies more than 3 working days ago but they have not been published yet.

    Is it just because taking time to review them or deleted due to forum rule violation? If they’ve been deleted, would you kindly let me know what was wrong with my reply?

    I’m new to membership and might not familiar with rules but I’m sure a lot of people encounter the same issues I was replying to and my answer can save them a lot of work.

    Thank you.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀

    They were removed for violating the forum guidelines:

    Please review the guidelines, and the moderation watch will be removed eventually.

    Also, the 72-hour time in the notice is really more like an apocalyptic worse-case scenario. Generally, items are only held for an hour at most.

    I’ll close this topic, as they tend to attract other “what about me?” folks, but you are welcome to join us in the forums channel on’s Slack instance if you’d like to discuss further:

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