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  1. scrumphony
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi all

    I'm facing several problems with wordpress 2.9.2. at the moment:

    - Reply on comments doesn't work
    --> If I click on "Reply" below the comment nothing happens
    - Can't upload any images
    --> I always get an HTTP 500 but the image is added to the gallery
    - flattr widget does not work
    --> PHP error

    What I did so far:
    1) Backup of the DB
    2) Backup of all files
    3) Reinstalled 2.9.2
    3.1) Deleted wp-admin and wp-includes
    3.2) Deleted all files in root except wp-config.php
    3.3) Downloaded a fresh wordpress 2.9.2 from wordpress.org
    3.4) Unzipped the file
    3.5) Copied the unzipped files to my server except the wp-content folder and the wp-config.php file.

    --> Same problems. Any ideas are welcome!

  2. scrumphony
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Some updates:

    - I'm using Firefox 3.6.3 but the problem also occurs with Google's Chrome
    - The image upload is working now, sorry my fault

    I found out that the action in the "Reply" link is missing. When I copy the link for "edit" of a comment, it looks like that:

    But if I copy the link for "Reply" it looks like that:

    Seems like the action is missing. How come? And which file do I have to edit to fix it?

    - marc

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