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    I have tree-like comments enabled. The Reply form is moving by the script from file wp-includes/js/comment-reply.js

    The form is moving correctly in any browser except Internet Explorer 8.

    Please look at this page:

    If you press the «[Ответить]» link («[Answer]»), then Reply form in IE8 will overlap other text (comments). To fix this you can, for example, select text from comment before the form to comment after the form. After selection/deselection page looks OK.

    Why this is happening? I hadn’n know that text selection can modify page layout. Where I can read about this?

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  • esmi


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    What I saw in IE8 was that the explanation text is unreadable. That can be fixed by removing line-height:0.5; from:

    .explanation {

    in style.css



    Oh, sorry!

    I have already fixed the page by moving Reply form to the bottom. Now it is not overlapped when [Ответить] is pressed.

    But I have recreated the old variant (Reply form at the top) by this link:

    So you can test it in IE8: press the red link [Ответить] at the bottom-right corner of any comment.

    In fact I want to have Reply form at the top. So, as soon as I found a fix, I will make this variant default.

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