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    I´m trying to figure out how to use threaded comments with my modified “Untheme-two-column” theme, and I am ALMOST there. The only problem is that when I hit “Reply” in a comment, the comment form doesn´t move up to right below the comment I want to reply to, it stays at the bottom of the page. Which looks ok if there is only one comment, but if there are ten, and someone wants to reply to comment number four, they will abruptly be brought down to the bottom of the page when they hit Reply. This bug will make people think that my comments are out of order.

    The threaded commenting works anyway, the reply ends up right below the comment I´m replying to.

    I added the code I needed to add in the index.php, and simply copied the code in comment.php from the default theme to my current one.
    Javascript is turned on.

    I am not a code wizard, so I don´t quite know which little snippet of code I need to look for or change to make the form move up. Is there anyone out there who knows?

    I´d be ever so grateful.


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  • Oh never mind. I solved it. If you are not a code wizard (which I am not), make sure to google the problem to find a better (easier, clearer) guide than Migrating Plugins and Themes…. I found a how-to in Swedish with very neat instructions.

    AND: make sure you don´t leave any empty spaces or extra Enters before <?PHP or after ?> in the code in for example functions.php, comments.php and other files you change.

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