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    Stop Spammers is by far the best anti-spam plugin I have ever used. It totally annihilates all spam comments and registrations.

    Unfortunately, I noticed on my WordPress website (I am using the Arras theme) that the reply function doesn’t work when this plugin is enabled. So I had to remove it and use a separate plugin for comments spam (which works really well) and another one for spam registrations (which does not work as well as Stop Spammers!).

    At this point I have 2 possibilities:

    1. Enabling Stop Spammers for spam registrations only and disable the check on spam comments – is there a way to do so? I can’t find one.

    2. Modify setting to eliminate this bug – if there is a way. Could you please advise?

    Thanks and congratulations for your plugin.

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  • You can uncheck the boxes for red-herring form and javascript trap on the settings page. This disables any changes to the comments form. These two methods are effective, but interfere with some themes and plugins.

    Let me know if this helps.


    Thanks, now it works.
    I am glad I can keep using you amazing plugin.
    Just one question: will this imply the plugin will not catch some spam comments/registrations?

    Red herring is one of the better ways to catch spam, but javascript trap hardly ever works. Still the speed trap catches the most spam and you still have that.


    This is a good plugin that is doing what it has to do.
    But if you go to there website and trying to login it is a hell. I maked a account for ther forum, but the forum say: wrong password.
    Oke no worry ask for a new password. After getting the mail to activate and try with the new passworrd to login. Answer of the site : Wrong password or exited.
    After a cople of mails to there admin NO reply. Today the same story.

    The plugin is OK but there site SUCK’S.

    Black Lion:

    I don’t understand. There is no forum on my site.

    I mean the site of StopSpammers.

    Do you mean That’s the stop spammers plugin website.

    You could mean, which is the stop forum spam website. They have nothing to do with this plugin.


    No not Blogseye. But te other one.

    But a other quistion;
    If I clear the output (history) (there are 2) are those than deleted or kept in a database.
    I run a online digital newspaper ans see every day a lot of them to get into the admin or post comment.

    Can I simply clear the history’s?????

    The plugin is very good so I set it to 4 other sites that I manage.

    If you clear the history, it is gone. I keep it in an array as an option, not a database table. Same for the cache.


    That is understand. Shame on me, I cleared the history a view times. Well now I know to leave it where it is. Or make a copy on my PC.

    Is there a place in the DIR where I can find a *.log or something like that.

    In the part of TLD’s are a lot of ///////////////////// How to get them out???

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