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  • Looking for advice, recommendations or suggestions for the most appropriate page structure for a website.

    I am migrating a website which has about 1000 pages in the structure of /service/location/ – There are 4 services and about 250 locations

    I leaning away from creating them as pages as it will just clog up the Pages section of the site making it cumbersome to find and edit core pages.

    I was thinking of using categories and posts but this customer wants to do some blogging so I’m leaning away from clogging up the posts section as well.

    I was thinking of a custom post type BUT the custom post type will add a slug at the beginning (e.g. /custom-slug/service/location/ ) which will mean that I will need to 301 redirect the 1000 URLs on the new site from /service/location/ to /custom-slug/service/location/).

    I am leaning towards creating 4 custom post types (the 4 services) and then creating the 250 custom posts per customer post type – but I don’t like the thought of having 4 extra menus/sections in admin (I could probably get over it – but I’m thinking that there’s got to be a cleaner way)
    Just dealing with Categories and posts and ignoring over the “clogging up” issue…

    Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? Is there a more appropriate way to do this?

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  • Becky Davis


    WCEU 2016 Contributor

    4 custom post types is the cleanest way to go. Yes, you should get over adding menu items. All of the other options except just keeping the current page structure will require redirects. Custom post types give you the further advantage of changing the template layout as well if that’s wanted.

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