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  • Hey,

    I’m looking for a plugin that replicates how Tumblr handles posting photo sets — images can be arranged via drag & drop, “breaks” between rows can be set manually, and the images are automatically resized to fill the space in each row. So photos can be very purposely laid out, for example:

    image 1
    image 2 / image 3
    image 5 / 6
    image 7
    image 8 / image 9 / image 10

    With various gallery block plugins, it seems that this can be done by hand by adding separate blocks for each “row” and tediously configuring each one for one column, three columns, etc. Tumblr makes this much quicker and more intuitive, but there doesn’t seem to be a WP plugin equivalent.

    Any ideas or help? I’m looking to build a blog with photo sets spanning 15+ years, and the thought of having to slowly add gallery block after gallery block is daunting, but I also want more control over how my photos are arranged and relate to one another.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Drag-and-drop features require some nifty JavaScript and for complicated reasons the WordPress developer community are only starting to embrace that particular language.
    That makes it unlikely that you will find a plugin that offers that sort of functionality.

    The Gutenberg Editor aims for “Full Site Editing” functionality and it is possible that a Gallery block may already be on their radar.

    For now though, you would probably need custom development to achieve what you are looking for, if you want to use a self-hosted installation.

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