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  • That’s controlled in your .CSS. 🙂 Just declare a background-image. I have done that on my Christmas layout.

    There are some great sites available to check out for ideas and for information. Here’s an incomplete list:
    Laughing Lizard
    michael – I think this is a b2 site
    There are LOTS more examples around. Bookmark them ALL, and visit them OFTEN!
    Have fun with your site!

    🙂 Thanks for putting my site on there Craig.

    I didn’t miss the closing tag, even with the decoder I couldn’t post the < and the / and the a and the > If you look most of it is there. She knows to end the “a” I’m sure, as she can code. 😉
    When you call in the <div id just put the <a href before it and end it after the </ div

    ooh, i never noticed that enclosing div tags with a tag will make the entire DIV clickable.
    pretty useful in eradicating tables made clickable with javascript… :O)

    I must have done something wrong sg when I tried putting that code yesterday. I removed it from the css part. I redid it and it worked just fine the way you did it. Thanks!

    I’m new to blogging and just installed wordpress this evening. I’d like to change the “text” logo on my site to a graphic one as well but none of the instructions above make sense to me. I’m no CSS guru but have created several web sites over the years. How do I simply put an image for my blog’s title/logo that is also clickable back to the main page of the site? Thanks.

    By the way, that last post by anonymous was me…

    There are two ways:
    1. where the text is output currently in index.php (look for the h1 tag, and then bloginfo(‘name’)), replace the php chunk with the bloginfo call with an img src=”someimage” tag.
    2. use a css rule to put a pic in.
    #header a {background: url(“someimage”);}


    Yeah, i don’t understand what all that fuss was about either debwire, and my site’s in that list ;-o
    anyway, just look for <h1 id=”header”> in your index.php and insert an image inside the link there….
    <h1 id=”header”>< a href=”<?php echo $siteurl; ?>” title=”<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>”>< img src=”yourimage.gif” />< /a></h1>

    Glad it worked Shae! 🙂

    One comment about using a graphic in the title in lieu of text…search engines won’t pick up the title of your blog. I’d suggest a combination of background image with text over top of the image, in that way, you get the best of both worlds.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg


    WordPress uses a variation on the Phark method.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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