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  • Apologies if this is already asked and answered – I searched but couldn’t find a relevant topic.

    In the Old URL and New URL fields, can I simply do a portion of a url, or does it need to be a complete absolute URL? Or does it allow use of regex?

    I moved my staging site to production and some of my staging links to both pages and media are still inconsistently appearing.

    I’d like to update any remaining image or link urls from

    Can I simply put “/staging/” in my old URL box and “/” in the new? That would save me from looking for every staging link in the code on my production site.

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  • editor4alan


    Hi, I’m looking for pretty much the same answer. I just installed Velvet Blues. We need to change all the links for menus, projects, and posts, from to Of course, the inner links have extensions like /services/bridges-and-gangways. Is it possible to just “find and replace” the domain and have it change just that in every link, or must every link be changed separately? We have just moved the site from one domain to another and all the child site links must be changed to point to the mother page. Thank you!

    Duh. I just had to test it to find out it does exactly what I asked about. It’s a typical find-and-replace, looking for what you type in and changing it for what you specify; nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise, it would have been a completely worthless plugin. Now, I love it! 5 stars!

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