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  • On May 14, 2019 I replaced 2 images with updated versions. I did not change the image name or update links. Just a simple replace. I “think” I generated new thumbnails because WP was hanging on to some specific sizes but I can’t be 100% sure as I can’t remember. Shortly after that I started to get these weird 404 errors on our site. I finally nailed down the pattern. If I have a link in the content anywhere that follows the path of “/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/” that it gets replaced with “/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/UpdatedImage-125×157.jpgUpdatedImage-125×” The 2 images I updated were .jpg. The files that are getting the broken URLs are any type of media (.jpg, .png, .pdf). The item that they all have in common is the UpdatedImage.jpg lived in the /2015/02/ folder and the broken links all contain the /2015/02/ path. I have hundreds of links to fix. Can you advise as to what happened so that I do not have this issue again?

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    Hey @slaydone – I’m sorry to hear about these issues! 🙁
    Do you have a staging environment that you can share access to?
    If so please contact us directly here mentioning this ticket.


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    And a remark: Enable Media Replace doesn’t replace URLs if keeping the name, are you sure you didn’t change the name?
    Also, could you please tell us what plugin you used for regenerating the thumbnails?

    @shortpixel No, we do not have a staging environment. At least not one that is in active use. It was last used about 9 months ago and is not up to date.

    @shortpixel absolutely positive I did not change the name. I have never used that feature and the images still have the original name while the replacement image has a different name. We are using for the regenerate thumbnails. I’m still not sure I did that but I can’t rule it out.

    I believe we have the same issue. Replaced an image and opted to rename the file. This caused completely unrelated <img src="..." /> tags in WooCommerce product descriptions to be modified in the same way slaydone described. Unfortunately we also don’t have a staging environment you can access.

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    @bljh sorry about that. What version of EMR did you use?

    We’re on version 3.3.0. Pretty sure it worked correctly in a previous version, but I’m not sure which one as it went unnoticed for a while. I have a vague suspicion that it started about 1-3 months ago, which corresponds with version 3.2.8 or 3.2.9.

    @shortpixel Any updates on this issue? I had to downgrade to v3.2.9 due to an error with updating images. I’m concerned that this issue could still be happening. I won’t know about it until I start getting the 404 errors.

    @shortpixel HAPPENED AGAIN!!!
    I just experienced this error again and this time I did NOT regenerate thumbnails. I only replaced an image and now I have broken links all over the site that have inserted the following code:


    The thing they all have in common is that they reside in the same folder. So the image I just replaced was in the /2016/09 folder and the images/media it targeted also are in that folder though the pages it changed the URLs on are NOT in that folder. They are sitewide – everywhere, posts, pages, etc.

    I am on v3.2.9 due to the error with being unable to replace images.

    Please help!!!

    We’ve had the exact same problem as Slaydone on two of our websites. It broke tons of links throughout the sites and was a time-consuming mess trying to fix them all.
    We’ve had to disable the plugin on both sites. We use the Jupiter theme with WP Bakery Builder. We can’t re-enable this plugin until we know it’s not going to break our content. When is this going to be fixed?!

    @shortpixel @ajumbra We’ve had to disable the plugin as well. We will have to look for a different plugin if this one isn’t fixed soon since we are having to manually FTP the updated media into the site. We had to fix about 500 broken links yesterday. We are also using Jupiter, WP Bakery and are on WPEngine. We were on v3.2.9 yesterday when more broken links were created.

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    @shortpixel – any word on this issue? This bug makes this plugin unusable. Can you provide an update? It’s been two weeks since this support thread was started and still no information or resolution has been provided!

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    @ajumbra @slaydone – I apologize for the slow reply.
    From what I understand the issue noted by you isn’t specifically related to latest EMR version but it was also present in older versions as well, correct?

    To help us debug this we’ll need temporary access to a website where we can reproduce this, would you be so kind to contact us directly here mentioning this ticket?

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you,

    @shortpixel The issue is for the last working version of EMR 3.2.9 Going to the newest version gave us errors – it wouldn’t allow us to replace files. We do not have a dev site that is accessible for debugging and I’m unable to give you production access. This bug did not exist until around May. We had been using EMR for over a year without any issues.

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    @slaydone @ajumbra @bljh – we could really use a staging environment so we can reproduce this issue and try to find a fix.

    If you can help us with that please contact us directly mentioning this ticket.

    Additionally, you have a backup and you can reverse the changes, you could also give EMR DEV version a try.

    Thank you,

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