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  • Hopefully the dev will fix this. This change is pretty recent. Maybe he/she just hasn’t had enough time to implement the code for the new authorization method.

    I don’t think so. The plugin hasn’t been updated for two years now. I think it was abandoned. A real pity! I am using SHASHIN now, it does what PaGPE did except for the mosaic; the setting I was using.. alas. It’s better than nothing though.

    I would be surprised when the author releases a new update of this plugin, because this release is 2 years old. Shashin doesn’t work for me and that plugin isn’t maintained any longer either.

    I was already looking for an alternative because I was afraid of vulnerabilities in the Picasa and Google Plus Express plugin.

    I’ve found a paid solution that may do the job: Nova Gallery

    Apart from this plugin Picasa / Google Plus photos are now available via Google Drive. Maybe one of the several WordPress Google Drive Plugins can be a good alternative.

    Any other solutions are welcome…

    The problem is not only to find a replacement. On my site a lot of records that cause albums shortcode just for this plug-in, according to their need to rewrite all.

    I think that a little alter the authentication for a new protocol for a good php programmer will not be difficult. Unfortunately this is we have not seen here…

    @onix777, your completely right. I wish somebody would fork or take over this plugin.

    Makes it compatible with the current Google authentication and takes a look at the add_query_arg or remove_query_arg issues that suffered lots of themes and plugins.

    Yesterday WordPress automatically updated to V4.2.2 and today I am receiving a 403 message when trying to ‘log in’ to add a further set of pictures to a new page.

    Is this the problem referred to above?

    All of the existing photographs are displaying on the site as normal when moving from page to page.

    Is the problem a result of the WordPress update or something Google have done?

    Whichever it is I use this plugin extensively on 5 sites and the sudden loss of function if very unfortunate to say the least.


    It’s caused by the fact that Google stopped the legacy authentication used by this plugin. Unfortunately Picasa and Google Plus Express isn’t maintained for 2 years now and I don’t expect this to be solved by the author.

    Modify your Google albums from private to public will temp solve the issue. I’m searching for an alternative. Maybe I’ll move my photo’s to flickr, cause there are hardly any other good and regularly maintained Google Plus Photos / Picasa plugins left. Another options is a paid solution: Nova Gallery, see my post above.

    Thanks for that, my problem is that it will not allow me to get to the point where galleries can be seen and then selected Han. I am getting this message ‘Response code is 403’

    The album I am trying to add as individual photos one after the other within a new page is designated ‘public’ and has been shared on G+

    I have around 30,000 images on Flickr but it takes an eternity to upload to it hence shifting to Google Plus. The photos already added are all displaying just fine.

    Thanks for your input though.

    Hmmmm. I had both 403 and 404 errors and solved it by making the G+ albums temp public. I also had a few pages that wouldn’t appear after the mod, but I don’t remember whether this were 403 or 404 error pages.

    I first mod my settings in the plugin fromBblog to User.

    “Google+ Express access level Blog User”

    I first thought it was caching. But refreshing didn’t solve it quickly enough. In the meanwhile I opened the post, clicked the Picasa and Google Plus Express button on top of the post. Entered my username and clicked the album shortcode and saved the post.

    Maybe that can help you too.

    You can keep the Access Level in “blog” mode instead of “user”, by clicking the “Revoke Private Album Authorization” link, at least that worked for me. Still only your public albums will show, but at least you don’t need to constantly enter the user ID.

    This explains exactly what has changed on the Google side.

    thx for “public” album tips. I think, I can use it until another solution coming up

    by clicking the “Revoke Private Album Authorization” link, at least that worked for me.

    Good shout, its brought it all back for me too. Thanks picc02766

    Seems like nothing is working right now. The plugin keeps reloading and reloading, but I can’t see any album.
    If someone has another solution or can suggest another plugin I would be really thankful.

    Well, Shashin works for me, because I want to display non-public albums on my blog as opposed to public ones. Shashin takes a share-link from Google. It’s making due, though, because the output is not as snazzy (i.e. the mosaic option) as the PaGPE…

    The problem is, when I try to activate Shashin I got this message:

    “Shashin Error:

    Failed to create table apswp_shashin_album”.


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