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    Hi Nobita,

    I created a replacement header image of the exact dimensions specified (950 pixels wide by 198 pixels high), deleted the title and tagline because the copy is now in the new image and deleted the default image that comes with the Theme. The full height of the image is cut off and only about 2/3 of it shows. Above that is a dark space that is the color of the background. The image itself is correctly hotlinked to the homepage URL and the space above it has no hotlink.

    How do I remove the space so that the new header image takes up the entire top and the full 198 pixel height shows and the image also remains hotlinked to the home URL?

    Here is the site so you can see the space.

    I am using Raindrops version 1.135.

    Thank You for your continuing help,


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  • Theme Author nobita


    Hi donshapiro

    Remove blank space above header image.

    Add to style.css


    header image height issue.

    Raindrops header image height is controled with javascript.

    Since the height of a picture must always be adjusted by change of the screen width of a browser

    Since calculation by javascript is not performed correctly now, this phenomenon has occurred.

    Raindrops header image need to be upload from

    Appearance / header / Choose an image from your computer and upload needs

    Thank you.

    Hello Nobita,

    Thank you for these clear and simple instructions. I understand them and have implemented them. They have resulted in an improvement but were not completely successful.

    The amount of space above the Pleiadians_header.jpg image was cut in half through this procedure. There is a still a dark space between the top of the image and the top of the page that the software (not sure if that is WordPress or the Theme) still counts as part of the header image height. This is preventing the full image file from showing.

    Here is what is interesting. In WordPress / header / it shows a preview of the image that has been uploaded. In the preview, the entire image shows plus a dark band above the image. So this dark band that is reducing what is seen on the website is also showing in the preview. Something is adding a space above the image file itself.

    You can go to the website now and see the remaining dark area that is preventing the entire 198 pixel jpg file from showing. Would you know of a way to eliminate the final dark band so the entire jpg shows.

    In the full jpg image, there is a tagline below Pleiadians that says We Are Here to Help Raise Your Frequency.

    Very much appreciate your time and support.


    Theme Author nobita


    Header image javascript height control not work.

    I can not detect conflict things.


    Add to style.css last line.

    @media screen and (min-width : 800px){
    	header #header-image{ height:198px;}
    @media screen and (max-width : 799px) and (min-width:641px){
    	header #header-image{height:148px;}

    Hello Nobita,

    Thank you for working on this. The new code did not remove the extra dark band that is not apart of the image header jpg. Yes, I can see that there must be javascript issues. For now, I changed the website from Fluid to 950px wide which solves the problem. Of course, I would rather have the Fluid size but until the javascript issue has been resolved, it would be better for us to stay with something that delivers the image we want.

    I hope you will find success at dealing with these header issues using the Fluid width.

    Thank you so much for all your effort and time. Your support is very much appreciated.


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