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  • We are able to use enable media replace to “replace” files in the library. However, the new image files do not display right away on the site and sometimes it seems they are not at all replaced when viewing the site.
    The new image shows in the library media view. When I click “show attachment page”, I see the old image.

    Any idea what is going on?

    It is not a browser cache issue because we have tried refreshing the browser, switching browsers and switching devices and get the same result – slow or no replacement of the old image in website views.

    Thank you.

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  • I am having a similar problem with PDF’s. I don’t know if it is an issue for images, too.

    I am running WordPress 4.6.

    This problem makes managing our website very difficult.

    Thanks in advance for help.


    We found a clumsy fix. If we go back to file in media library after replacing with new file and click “view attachment page”, it seems to update. I guess it is a server cache issue of some sort. This is working as temporary fix.



    Thanks for the suggestion, but it is not working for me. The document is still not being replaced with the updated one.

    I have also found that deleting the original document/media file and then uploading a new one with the same name doesn’t work. It re-finds the deleted document.

    I have had to upload a new document with a new name and update all links and references, which is exactly what this plug-in was meant to make unnecessary.

    If anyone has additional suggestions, I’d appreciate them.

    Again, thanks for the suggestion, Jan.



    I have just tried to update a pdf and the same thing is happening to me too. I have deleted cache and all sorts to no avail.

    Be great if a solution is found as it did work fine the last time I needed to change a pdf!!

    I am having the same problem with pdf files. The uploaded file has “-1” appended even though I tried to replace the original.

    We are having the same issue with PDF files.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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