• As the author states, this plugin allows you to install and maintain one plugin instead of a host of smaller ones. My tests were all successful and I was happy to simplify my maintenance with fewer plugins.

    Some suggestions:
    1. When replacing media, a side-by-side comparison is helpful showing the new image, size, etc…

    It might also help to remind users that the image filename and date are not changing, so no links will break (other media replace plugins give you the opportunity to change the filename/date etc, but I prefer your defaults. The extra text would be reassuring though).

    2. Would be great to add these hidden nav items since you already are modifying the admin menus: wordpress.org/plugins/missing-menu-items

    3. Is there a way to exit out of the view site as and return to admin? I kinda refreshed a bit until is just returned to normal.

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  • Plugin Author Bowo


    @vdrover thank you for the nice review!

    To your points:

    1. Noted on the side-by-side comparison. I’m trying to build something simple and functional, and as simple as this feature sound, it’s probably not so simple to code. So, noted for now.

    Thanks for the suggestion to improve the description. It will be udpated as follows for the next release.

    [CURRENT] “Easily replace any type of media file with a new one while retaining the existing media ID and file name.”

    [UPDATED] “Easily replace any type of media file with a new one while retaining the existing media ID, publish date and file name. So, no existing links will break.”

    2. Noted for now. Will look into it.

    3. Yes. Once you pick non-admin role from “View as”, it will change to “Viewing as [Role name]”. If you hover on it, it will show “Switch back to Administrator”. I thought the small downward triangle icon is enough to hint that it’s a dropdown menu. I may consider adding another prompt to switch back.

    Curious to know which other plugin you replaced with this one? You mentioned media replace, admin menu organizer and view as role.

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