• Silencio222


    I feel so confident in this plugin that I removed 3-4 plugins including Akisment, Sucuri, Login Lockdown and Wordfence. Support is excellent. Be Sure to check this plugin out.

    After reading a recent article on Sucuri about how important it is to have a notification when someone logs into admin and I mentioned this to Paul with iControlWP he quickly added this feature to this plugin.

    Love this security plugin and the support!!

    But most of all I love their main WordPress Updating service at iControlwp.com

    Update: They added a new feature where you can rename your wp-login to something different of your choice. Love it! Has reduced the attempted spambot login hackers/crackers…..I feel so much safer now especially with the LockDown Code where anyone is unable to edit this security plugin without that code.

    This is my go to security spam blocker plugin!!

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