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    I replaced the Header with another image already but then I (a freind :D) turned the image I replaced into a flash file so that I could rotate the image and quotes. Now how do I insert this flash file in place of the header image. Here is my site (still a work in progress)?

    If you need to see the flash file I’m replacing it with let me know.

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  • did you use CSS code to implement the flash in the site? I use a simple #header CSS tag to post headers with a directory where the image is located.

    Do you do the same?

    Has anyone got this to work, then pls contact me.

    not hard, just include it in the header.php file ;P

    Here is a sugesstion : For a nice flash-image fader have a look on Marcus Grellert page for his plugin.

    alternatively, download:

    and drop a file called header.swf in your theme folder.

    that’s it. you’re done.

    Denis has done it again! Really nice. 🙂

    I have been experimenting with 3.2 on a new blog that I just loaded at and it sure enough loads a flash header nicely. However, this flash header uses a datafile (which I also dumped in the sem theme root along with the swf file) and naturally WP doesn’t seem to recognize this necessary file although the swf file should. What it does is replace the “Your Company Name Here” with “Cat Lover’s Guide” as well as a slogan replacement.

    Is there any way of adding a call to the datafile (cattxt.txt) in sem-theme-utils.php where info about including the swf file in the header is or am I just SOOL on this one?

    Sigh. NM. I swear I can try to figure these things out for 3 hours and get nowhere. Then as soon as I post the question here, the lighbulb comes on. Works great now, just had to embed the flash object ABOVE the call to the_page_header in the header.php file.

    I wish all of life would be this easy to figure out. Doh!

    NM the NM. While the header works on the main page, it doesn’t work on ANY subsequent page. Even though it work on the base WP install other pages. I guess that WP just doesn’t pick up the info provided. So, back to original question. Is there any way of including the datafile in the sem-theme-utils.php file? Back to SOOL I think.

    please send me an email (denis at semiologic dot com) with respect to this flash problem, along with an example site. I’m not familiar with flash, and only added the flash thingy recently. it could probably use some debugging/fine tuning.

    MontyV, I noticed your page looks like the problem was resolved. Please, what made it all come together. I want to utilize Flash in the same way but can’t make it work.

    MontyV, can you share how you managed to get your flash header integrated please? Was it a plug in or did you edit the php file? Cheers!

    yes, it would be really cool to know how you managed to do the trick…does a flash plug in exist?

    what i have done so far is to use the flashfader, and replace the original .swf file with myne…it does the trick, i havent played with it so i dont know about how far i will get with it.

    I have tried everything and still cannot get it to work. I just want to replace the header with a simple .swf is there a place where I can find out where exactly to put the code from the flash html file?

    I finally figured it out! Once I clean everything up I will release a theme that has a flash header.

    Sorry I haven’t replied I do not have a RSS feed on this post and since changing it to resolved I have not looked back. There as no fancy plugin in but rather a combination of techniques.

    Flash Satay Method

    Which gave me this:

    <object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”” width=”820px” height=”177px”>
    <param name=”movie” value=””></param>

    and a little CSS manipulation and that is what I got.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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