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    Hi I am using replace tracking API and I have multiple shipment tracking number for my single order. I want you to do some modification in your Replace API feature
    Like I have 3 tracking number for my single order, now when replace API is run then all three Tracking numbers are replaced with a one tracking number for which APi had run. But actually it should work when same tracking number is uploaded again so that customer don’t see same tracking box multiple times on tracking page.

    Let me explain more.
    I use API to upload my tracking details directly from my shipping provider and it runs on automation via google script code. Earlier there was a problem that if same API is run for multiple times then tracking number was uploaded again and again and shows multiple track button on tracking page. So i requested you to add replace button so that it should not repeat the same tracking number again.

    Now the issue is if an order has three tracking numbers x, y and z and if replace API is run for z tracking number it replaces all three tracking numbers with z. Which is completely not fair. It will be great if you just replace the tracking number if it is already there for an order so in this way the same tracking number will not be shown multiple times and other tracking numbers x & y will remain there.

    I hope you got my point and will be ready to work on this feature in upcoming updates.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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