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  1. charchub
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    I have read about this a lot and still haven't found a satisfactory answer so I am hoping you expert guys can help me:

    I have a WP install at this address (let's call it WP 1): http://www.charchub.com/en which as you can see has a black header; I have to note that the header and the menu use bootstrap so the header menu acts responsive changing into a three line menu on smaller devices.

    I also have another WP install (let's call it WP2) here: http://www.art.charchub.com which has a different header again using the bootstrap and is responsive.

    What should I do to replace the WP1 header with WP2 header?

    Keep in mind that I want to preserve functionality like responsiveness etc. The reason I want to do this is because WP1 theme has an absolutely crucial functionality that WP2 theme doesn't.

    Is there a way to make a bridge?

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