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  • Resolved Keryn


    I have:
    Update existing subscribers? set to YES, and
    Replace interest groups? set to NO.

    However, the area of interest is overwriting the previous area of interest rather than adding to it. I tried setting replace groups to “YES” and had the same result.

    Both plugin and WordPress are up to date as of posting this.
    I cannot post the working URL publicly.

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    If I arbitrarily create a select/dropdown list in the signup form in your plugin, then I can sign up multiple times and choose different options without it overriding.

    However if I use the select/dropdown I’ve created in MailChimp itself, it overwrites the selection every time.

    Obviously I need to use the form field I’ve created in MailChimp with the merge tag, why does one method work, and not the other?

    Plugin Contributor Lap


    I’m not sure what you mean with using the select/dropdown I’ve created in MailChimp itself. To be clear, if you like to use our plugin please use our form builder and don’t copy code from a MailChimp form, else you end up using their form instead of our plugin and thus the settings in our plugin won’t be followed.

    Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Thread Starter Keryn


    Hello Lap,

    The code that is created from your plugin/form builder, is the code that is not working.

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