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  • Hi all,
    i’d like to know if is possible, and if so, how, to replace the header image dynamically with the onea present in a searched page into my site.

    thank you in advance!

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  • I am not sure of what you mean, can you elaborate a bit more about the scenario you have in mind.

    yes, first of all thank you for your quick answer.
    into not into wordpress op php but i’m helping a friend of mine in the setup of his site.
    basically this site, using Weaver II theme, has some pages related to various holiday location with text and and image.
    when you open the page directly, the header of homepage is filled with the right image of the page.
    when you search the page, only text is shown in the frame below but nothing appear on header image.
    sorry but i don’t have a screenshot for that.

    thank you again

    Still not 100% clear 🙂

    But When doing a search, the header image on the search page is the main header image of the site, not the one from the search results. The reason is that you may get more than one page in the search results.

    So does the page in question uses the main site header image (the one for all pages), or does that page uses a different header image specific to that page. If so, it is normal that when searching the page, the search page result do not show that page header image as explained above.

    Ultimately, we need a link to the pages in questions to be sure of what you mean and may be going on.

    thank you so much, and sorry for the lack of details but as i said i’m not directly involved! 🙁
    anyway, i get some screenshots, the site is about italian lake ad these are the details :

    menu.png ( = the page where I’ll show you the selection from a menu by Lake (eg Bellagio).

    esito_selez_menu.png ( = the page that appears after selecting the lake from the menu – the image in this example corresponds to the gray / black with the words “Bellagio” and below are the descriptive text.

    search.png ( = from any open page, I put in the name of a lake in SEARCH field.

    esito_search.png ( = the page of the finded Lake (in our example always Bellagio) where the image is not present but there is only the text.

    I hope it is a little more clear!

    thank you very much for your support.

    Normally, a search result page will have the default header image.
    So either you have not defined a default header image, or may be a child theme is changing the search result page template.

    ultimately you will need to provide a link to an online version of the site we can look at, and you should post that in the weaver forum

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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