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  • Hey everyone, I’m sorry I”m posting such a worn out topic, but I can’t find anything to help my specific problem. I just downloaded and installed the latest version, and am just in testing.

    What I would like to do is replace that big blue header with my own image. Simple enough, create an image with the same dimension, and name it kubrickheader.jpg, and place it in the directory. I can do that much, and sure enough, it does replace the header, but then I just have a boring rectangle image. I like the nice round edges that the current header has in it. I know I could take a photo into photoshop and give it those nice round edges, but I want to be able to change that photo any time I want, and without having to do a bunch of photoshopping every time. I would like to just through my image in the directory, and have it show up as the header with that nice rounded edge graphic. Maybe using layers or something? I’m just not sure. Hoping you all could point me in the right direction.

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  • Well, if any of you have an answer to this, you’re welcome to post it, but I thought I’d post that I came up with a seemingly easy solution. I took the original header into fireworks, and cut out all the blue, so all I had was the frame, with a transparent middle. I will save that somewhere special, and any time I put up a new pic, I will just paste that frame over the top of the pic, and everything works fine.

    So I think I will just do that. Thanks anyway!

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