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  • Hello WordPress people!

    I’m currently developing a worpress based page for a small company and have the following task to do:

    Like mentioned in the topic title I want to completely replace the dashboard for users of a certain user role. I want the users of this role (‘uploaders’) to see just a small upload form instead of the dashboard.
    So I can’t dedicate this ‘plugin’, because I want to be able to use the wordpress user management system to add and modify the users.
    I am using the Capability Manager Plugin (
    to create and edit the roles and capabilities, but this won’t matter too much I guess.

    So my actual question is what is the best way to implement this functionality to my wordpress page? I wasn’t able to find a solution to the dashboard replacement thing by serching the interwebs, so you guys are my last resort! 🙁

    Could someone point me somewhere? Or tell me that my idea of replacing the dashboard sucks? And give an alternative?

    Thanks in advance!


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