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  • I have an intermittent performance problem on my shared hosting: sometimes a page load takes tens of seconds or even minutes. But only sometimes.

    I though I could try to use this plugin (which I already use) to trace the moments in the day when this massive slowdown.
    I could then tell the provider:
    -when it happens
    -if it’s due to the webserver or the dbserver

    To do this I should be able to call the plugin from an external scheduler, unathenticated.
    The list of tests is already collectiong enough data I would say.

    Do you think is feasible?

    Of course I could rip open the plugin, scavenge the tests I need and write my own procedure 🙂 But I was wondering If something like I needed was already half done or envisioned.

    Thank you!

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  • Maybe it’s not that hard:
    Wp login form it’s just a form, I could post “log” and “pwd” to login.php togheter with get field
    ad this should run the tests and save them in the db.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear before: the cron daemon on the shared server can run at most every 30 mins, so I have to use something else.
    Sure I could combine an external cron (like I’m planning) with internal wp-cron, but that would require an additional layer after all.
    I will POST log/pwd asking the tests page and I think that would do.

    Now I have to write something that can run curl every minute or so…

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