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  • Hi, I want to have the main navigation in the header and at the bottom of the website. I copied the nav coding from the header into the footer, but once it gets to the mobile version, it creates two menu boxes at the top. Each box repeats the menu twice.

    I’ve tried duplicating all the #nav styles and renaming it #footer-nav. I’ve tried taking this new CSS id and adding it to the custom.js file, but that’s just a mess.

    Has anyone succeeded at this?

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  • Do you have URL of the site?
    From this point of view it could be solved, but I would like to see the site first.

    I reverted everything back to normal for now (duplicating the CSS styles and naming it #footer-nav). However, the sub navigation doesn’t work on the first link in the footer.

    I remember adding a utility nav menu in my functions file, which caused me to choose two different menus in the “Customize” toolbar. I thought that might be important to note.

    The problem seems to be in your copying of navigation. In first
    <ul> in the second navigation miss a class .sf-js-enabled. Try that.

    Note: this is fast answer I didn’t have time to look closer. Will do that ASAP

    I’m not sure what you want me to do.

    I don’t see the class “sf-js-enabled” anywhere in either the header or the footer navigation ul when I click on “view source”. I also did a search within the

    How do I get the footer-nav id to register this? I’ve tried adding #footer-nav .sf-js-enabled to my CSS, but I don’t know what to put within the brackets.

    Just add .sf-js-enabled in code not css. This class is build in superfish.js file so it is not a css class it is a sort of functional class more than one that is used for styling.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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